If it's not in Hubspot it doesn't exist.

And yet 90% of leaders make crucial choices based on incomplete CRM  data that is stale, partial or subjective.

Without data,it's just your opinion.

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Build automations based on your conversations.

Customer conversations are at the core of understanding customers' needs and how to improve the sales process, yet we mostly rely on very partial CRM data.

In a few clicks you'll build:
- a personalized follow-up email for each call
- tailored handoff notes from sdr/ae/cs
- custom scorecards to coach your team
- ICP or pain point analysis

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CRM auto update

Great leaders don't rely on partial information

Over 90% of sales leaders make crucial decisions on CRM data that is either stale, partial or subjective.

Superlayer analyses every sentence in every conversation to get you an in-depth and objective:
- product insights
- sales process insights
- customer insights

This leads to the smartest leaders to create a predictable and repeatable revenue process, taking control of  team performance and stay on top of the pipeline.

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What they say about us

“I love to overhear our sales team speaking about how superlayer has improved their day-to-day and removed tasks they hated such as updating hubspot”

Jack Moiso

CEO Fluentify

“We're a data company and understand the importance of getting access to rich high quality data to understand our customers, which was impossible before superlayer.”

G. Uberti

COO Kleene.ai

“Superlayer has made it much easier to onboard new members of the team and bring them up to speed, in every department from product to engineering”

M. Cera

CEO Glaut