AI co-pilot for

  revenue teams

Augment your sales team with automation and AI.

AI note-taker in your calls

Conversations are at the core of understanding customers' needs and how to improve the sales process, yet we mostly rely on very partial CRM data.

Our bot join your calls, taking notes for you effortlessly so that you and the team can always rely on complete and rich data from your conversations.

Save your team tons of hours every month and increase the quality of your CRM data.

Automated CRM updates after each conversation

You can map and update individual fields in your CRM automatically after every conversation, based on top-notch speech-to-text and LLM models.

We give you complete freedom and assistance in defining exactly what and how things need to be updated.

Go from 1% of data in your crm to 80% and let AI do the heavy lifting

Custom built notes for every team

Automate the notes that are passed over from the SDR to the Account Executives or to Customer Success.

Prepare customer QBRs in one click based on all past conversations with them and endless custom use cases.

Enjoy a new world of possibilities, start building today.

Fully integrated into your tech stack

‍We natively integrate with many of your existing tools, e deep workflow integrations.

You can connect them in few clicks so that your source of truth will always be the CRM you already use, but super powered by us!

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