Call numbers
with high confidence

Superlayer automatically understands the quality of the deals in your pipeline, and provides objective forecasts to monitor if you are moving the needle. Stop guessing, leverage data.
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What's the actual value of your pipeline?

We connect to your CRM in one click, pull all the data, and make it straightforward to consume. You deserve quality data to drive your strategy and best-in-class execution.
Conversion data history
Individual or team level analytics
No more spreadsheets
Data driven forecasts and insights
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Data-driven forecasts & insights

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The tool for top-performing sales teams

Accurate forecasting
Call numbers with high confidence. Thanks to data-driven projections, you’ll have a reliable support at your hand so that you can finally forget about spreadsheets and hand-written notes.
Quicker performance review
No more surprises thanks to our easy and simple dashboard where you can monitor performances anytime. You deserve to run performance reviews effectively, at both individual and team levels.

Free up extra time to give your sales reps value-added support.
Winning patterns identification
Focus on what works. Superlayer identifies best practices and winning paths to help you constantly improve your team’s playbook. Teach a man to fish, they say…

Build a repeatable sales machine today.

Hiring star sales people isn’t the best way to grow.
Creating a process is.
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