Pipeline review
at its best

Gain instant insights into each deal and monitor whether you're crushing your quotas
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Pipeline reviews just got better

Sales leaders can now run actionable pipeline reviews, focusing on issues and opportunities while being able to zoom-in and zoom-out easily on every deal.
Monitor deals in a single view
Identify stalled deals and potential risks
Build an effective action plan
Create accountability
Forget spreadsheets

Manage your pipeline like a boss

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Best-in-class features

Deal intelligence
It acts on the signals that can help you win more deals and kill the wrong ones. From engagement tracking to deal planning, Superlayer gets you covered.
Comprehensive review
Quickly understand each deal's context without using multiple tools. It can be easy to understand if you are reaching your targets, and which deals you should focus on. Inspect engagement, velocity, and opportunities of each deal and monitor benchmarks on your deals.
Automated monitoring
Leverage automated monitoring to receive alerts when risks arise and to anticipate problems. Never miss a winnable deal due to unexpected issues!

Build a repeatable sales machine today.

Hiring star sales people isn’t the best way to grow.
Creating a process is.
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