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Superlayer is a revenue intelligence platform that enables effective pipeline reviews, leading to better coaching, forecasting, and results.
We are here to help sales leaders struggling with managing pipeline management and forecasting on spreadsheets.

Trusted by rockstar sales teams

40% of reps are missing their targets, with $4k/year in Sales tools per person.

We believe there is a better way to build and empower sales teams, with less tools and more results.

Meet superlayer:
the only tool you need to manage your sales pipeline and empower your team

AKA we save you money and make you more efficient πŸ‘€

How it works

We built Superlayer to provide you with the tools you need, starting with modern pipeline management

Pipeline review on steroids

β†’ Key KPIs: coverage required, win rates, pipeline value..

β†’ Zoom in and zoom out on key topics in your pipeline in seconds
β†’ Inspect deals and set-up to-dos in a click
β†’ Deal engagement, risks, and action plan all in the same view

Your personal assistant

β†’ A real-time dashboards show you the high-priority deals that you need to stay on top of.
β†’ Notes, to-dos, CRM and pipeline updates, all in the same place

Instant access to your action place and top deals with no need of switching from tab to tab.

β†’ Import your playbook and use it directly on Superlayer

Leverage the power of Conversation Intelligence:

β†’ Team’s call recordings library
β†’ Transcript analytics
β†’ Best practices sharing and coaching
β†’ Snippets and smart trackers

Stop guessing and leverage your data

β†’ Call forecasts with high confidence

β†’ Monitor your pipeline value vs targets
β†’ Support sales reps before it’s too late

-> Ready-to-act insights

Fully integrated with your tech stack

βœ” Direct note taking in Zoom
βœ” Built on top of your CRM (Hubspot)

βœ” Connected to your calendar

Superlayer is built to make everyone in the sales team more successful

Sales Leader

Get context on any deal in seconds, forecast with confidence and coach your reps. Discover what the winners are doing differently and replicate the right behaviors.

Sales Reps

Always stay on top of your pipeline, track your to-dos and progress towards your quota. Improve by learning what others are doing differently and self-coach.

Sales Ops

Identify the successful plays and enable playbooks on every level, have a clear quantitative view of the performance of the team and save them plenty of time.

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Hiring only star sales people isn’t the only way to grow.
Creating a process is.

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