Commenting on Video Call Recordings

Head of Product Design and UX Research
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🔍Unveiling “Commenting on Video Call Recordings”

Imagine being able to pinpoint key moments during a video sales call and provide immediate, in-context feedback to your team. 
With the ability to comment directly on video call recordings, managers and sales ops professionals can guide their teams to success with precision and clarity.

1. Tailored Feedback in the Right Context 🪡:

    One of the major advantages of this feature is the ability to offer feedback right where it matters the most – in the context of the actual conversation. Managers can highlight specific moments within a call, adding comments that provide valuable insights and guidance. By pinpointing both successful and improvement-worthy moments, AEs receive personalized feedback tailored to their performance

2. Interactive Collaboration 💬:

    Unlike traditional feedback methods, this feature encourages interaction among team members. Anyone on the platform can engage in the comment thread, share their perspectives, and collaborate on solutions. This fosters a culture of learning and growth, where knowledge is not only shared but also collectively built.

3. Building a Playbook of Insights 📚:

    Sales ops professionals can now create a focused and clear playbook of commented video snippets (read here on how creating a Playlist).
These snippets serve as invaluable training resources for AEs. They can quickly review these snippets to gain a deeper understanding of successful sales tactics, thus improving their performance.
Sales Ops will be able to monitor video usage and… 🤐 Stay tuned! We are cooking more juicy enhancement for it.

🛠️ Too good to be true? Learn how!

This feature is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that all sales team members can get value from it from the very first usage.

1. Record your Video Calls 📹:

    To get started, be sure to enable call recordings in Superlayer (see how). The feature seamlessly integrates with various video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Meet), making the process quick and hassle-free.

2. Adding Comments ✍️:

    While reviewing a video call recording, you can click on the video on the desired moment and add comments on it, simple as that. These comments are in the form of text, and can have thread structure thanks to the “add a reply” action, making the feedback process engaging and dynamic. All these discussions stay pinned to specific points of the timeline to make editing, analysis, and sign-off faster and easier.

It’s easy to invite your team’s member in the discussion, reply in-line, add attachments, and react with emojis.

Comments are shown on the video at the exact moment in timeline, and collected in the comments tab below the video player.

3. Collaborative Engagement 💡:

    Once a comment is added, anyone with access to the recording can join the conversation. This interactive element not only facilitates knowledge sharing but also encourages brainstorming and the development of best practices.

You’ll never miss a comment!
Superlayer automatically sends screenshots to users when they’re @mentioned so it’s clear what’s being talked about.

🚀 The Impact on the Sales Process

The potential impact of this feature on your sales process is significant. Here are some key areas where it can make a difference:

1. Continuous Coaching 🏋️♂️:

    AEs can receive feedback without waiting for a meeting and get answers to their doubts in a time-fashioned way, enabling them to correct their activities during ongoing deals. This proactive approach can help prevent potential issues and increase the likelihood of closing deals successfully.

2. Skill Improvement 📈:

    With easy access to personalized feedback, AEs have the resources they need to continually improve their skills. This, in turn, can lead to increased performance and higher revenue generation.

3. Team Collaboration 👥:

    By fostering a culture of collaboration and shared knowledge, this feature can enhance team cohesion, promoting the exchange of ideas and strategies that contribute to overall success.

4. Clear and Accessible Playbooks 📜:

    The creation of commented video snippets and playbooks empowers sales ops professionals to build a comprehensive resource that serves as a treasure trove of successful onboarding. Being easily monitored allows for continuous optimization, having all the teams always on the same page. 


By offering context-rich feedback, promoting collaboration, and building valuable playbooks, "Commenting on Video Call Recordings" has the potential to enhance the quality of the sales process significantly. Its user-friendly design ensures that it can be adopted seamlessly by all members of the sales team, ultimately contributing to the achievement of targets and the realization of sales success. Embrace innovation, and watch your sales team's performance soar to new heights.

Head of Product Design and UX Research