Elevating Your Sales Game: Superlayer's Enhanced Conversation Intelligence Feature

Head of Product Design and UX Research


In the ever-evolving world of sales, staying ahead of the competition means having the right tools at your disposal. At Superlayer, we're committed to equipping you with cutting-edge features that elevate your sales game. Our latest enhancements to the "Conversation Intelligence" feature are designed to provide you with an even more powerful and user-friendly experience.

A Revamped Recording Library

Our first major enhancement focuses on the Recording Library, the heart of your sales intelligence. We've listened to your feedback and made significant improvements to make your life easier. Here's what's new:

1. New Filtering Options

Navigating through your recordings is now a breeze. With a range of new filtering options, you can quickly locate the recordings that matter most to you. Filter by date, amount, and account executive.

2. Enhanced Sorting

Your recording list is now smarter. You can sort your recordings by duration, the number of attendees, visibility (private or public), and even by the number of snippets created from each recording.
Imagine you have a treasure trove of recordings from various meetings. Your filtering options are like a metal detector, helping you find specific types of treasures within that trove, and the enhanced sorting feature becomes your treasure map, helping you in:

  1. Prioritization and Customized Workflow: you can quickly prioritize your recordings based on what matters most at a given moment. This ensures you focus on the most relevant content without digging through your entire library.
  2. Efficiency and Quick Scanning: Time is of the essence, especially for busy professionals like you. By sorting recordings by the number of snippets created from each recording, for example, you can identify content that has been frequently shared. This might indicate recordings with valuable insights or content that needs updating. It's like having a shortcut to your most impactful material.
3. Playlist Creation

Now, you can organize your recordings into curated playlists, making it simple to access and share sets of recordings that align with specific topics, clients, or training needs.
You can create playlists, personalize them with a title and a description, select the content to use (entire call and/or snippets),
Read more about Playlists here.

Taking Action with Video Snippets

Our goal is to ensure that your sales calls are not just recorded but also actionable. With that in mind, we've introduced the feature you've been waiting for:

4. Video Snippets

Superlayer's Conversation Intelligence now allows you to transform your recordings into bite-sized, shareable video snippets. These snippets are the perfect way to highlight key moments and insights from your calls.

  • Internal Collaboration: Share snippets securely within your team using Superlayer's safe internal link. This feature fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, ensuring your entire team benefits from valuable sales insights.
  • External Sharing: Need to share insights with clients, partners, or stakeholders? No problem! Our public link option allows you to share snippets with anyone, making communication and collaboration effortless.

Learn more about Snippets here.

5. Public or Private: You're in Control

We understand that not all recordings are meant for public consumption. That's why you have the autonomy to decide the visibility of your call recordings. For meetings where you are the owner, you can opt to mark recordings as "PUBLIC" to share insights with your team, ensuring seamless collaboration and collective growth. Alternatively, for those sensitive discussions or personal reference, you can keep recordings "PRIVATE," accessible only to you. It's all about empowering you with choices and enhancing the utility of your call recordings, allowing you to tailor your sales intelligence to your specific needs.

Automatic PROs and CONs

To streamline your post-call analysis, we've updated the way we present the pros and cons of your calls. Our intelligent algorithm now automatically highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each call, providing you with valuable insights at a glance. You can always fine tune the results moving insights from one group to another, or deleting them, if you wish.


Superlayer's Conversation Intelligence has evolved to become your ultimate sales ally. Our revamped Recording Library, advanced filtering options, sortable information, playlist creation, and the addition of video snippets make your sales calls more organized, actionable, and impactful than ever before.

With these enhancements, you're not just recording calls; you're harnessing the power of intelligent insights to drive your sales success. Elevate your sales game with Superlayer's Conversation Intelligence, and experience the difference it can make in your sales journey. Stay ahead of the competition, close deals with confidence, and revolutionize your sales game today.

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