Exploring the New Call Recording Settings

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In the fast-paced world of sales, effective communication and accurate data are key to success. Superlayer understands the importance of every sales call and strives to provide you with the tools to make those calls even more productive. We're excited to introduce you to: "Call Recording Settings" as part of our Conversation Intelligence offer.

Call Recording Settings empowers you to tailor your call recording preferences to suit your specific needs, allowing you to focus on what matters most: closing deals.

Meet Your Recording Bot

At the heart of this new feature is the "Recording Bot”. Picture it as an invisible but highly efficient team member, complete with a custom name and even emojis for a touch of personalization. The Recording Bot blends seamlessly into your calls, ensuring that every interaction is recorded for future reference and analysis.

Flexible Recording Options

Superlayer understands that no two sales calls are the same. That's why we've given you the flexibility to choose when and how the Recording Bot participates in your meetings.

Let's explore the 2 main options:

  1. Every Scheduled Call: By selecting this option, the Recording Bot will join every call listed on your calendar, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  2. User-Created Meetings: Opt for this setting to have the Recording Bot join only when a meeting is created by you. This optimizes the number of recordings you are generating and the analysis coming from them, in other words for more control.

Each of them comes with 3 subsetting:

  1. Meetings with External Attendees: Perfect for customer meetings, this option activates the Recording Bot when external attendees are present. Internal attendees are identified by predefined email domains.
  2. Meetings with Internal Attendees: Use this setting for pipeline reviews and internal discussions, where you want to maintain a record of internal interactions without external participants. This setting is comprehensive of all one-to-one meetings.
  3. Don’t need all meetings with internal attendees? You can opt to record just the one-to-one meetings and enable the Recording Bot to capture your private discussions with internal team members.

Superlayer Default Setting

To get you started quickly, Superlayer comes with a default setting that ensures that there are no blockers to using conversation intelligence from the very first time. You can easily customize the settings as needed to align with your unique sales processes.

Your are prompted this setup screen when starting your Superlayer space for the first time and you can always find it under your profile options as "Recording settings".

Admit or Decline - Your Choice, Always

We know that not every call should be recorded. With Superlayer, you're in control. Even at the last minute, you can choose to invite, admit or decline the Recording Bot's presence in a specific meeting directly from the meeting screen, always ensuring your privacy and confidentiality (see more about privacy with “recording visibility”).

HINT: we suggest you to invite the bot at least 30 minutes in advance, to be sure the bot will be present.


Envision having a dedicated aide discreetly overseeing your sales conversations, meticulously capturing every vital aspect, leaving no room for oversight. The Call Recording Settings feature enables you to customize your call recording preferences to suit your needs.

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Head of Product Design and UX Research