Why we are building Superlayer


I often get asked why we’re building Superlayer and how we position ourselves in our competitive space, as they say when you say it twice write it down, so here I am!

In Q4 '22, only 22% of reps hit their quota–yes, you read it right. Something is clearly not working in how we run the revenue process and there are some challenges that became obvious during the 100+ conversations we’ve had in the last couple of months with sales leaders:

  • Revenue teams struggle to orchestrate and drive their efforts intentionally and with clear visibility
  • Small and mid-market companies have been left behind, as most tools have focused on the easier money from enterprise customers
  • The revenue tech stack is becoming too large to manage and too expensive, in terms of direct costs and overheads

We believe there must be a better way.

We’re building a best-in-class but affordable platform to run the revenue process, starting with sales teams. We believe the most important tools they should have access to are:

  • Forecasting: build a strategy and execute
  • Conversational intelligence: coach team and improve metrics
  • Pipeline review: set cadence and create accountability

We hope this will be the beginning of a change of paradigm that has been spearheaded by leaders in the space: creating an intentional, comprehensive and analytical approach to revenues.