Predictability and replicability in your revenue process

Forecasting, pipeline management and conversation intelligence in one tool, powered by AI.

The average tenure of a sales leader is 16 months - let's do better.

We help you drive your revenue process so that you can hit targets and forecast consistently.

The revenue intelligence platform
for modern revenue teams

Implement a strong forecasting and revenue process on top of an automated data layer and win more.

Spot risks and take action

Create alerts and monitor risks based on best practices and your process, to make sure nothing goes unnoticed and you have everything under control.

Focus on the deals that need your attention and disqualify the ones you should not care about.

Drive sales predictability with accurate forecasts

How can you hit your goals while it's not clear how you're trending with your current pacing?

Become confident about your forecast with two levels of forecast (rep and manager), our AI driven recommendations and the history of every change.

Build a repeatable sales process

You know what the best process is for your organization, but not everyone follows it.

Create a library of knowledge to onboard new hires, collaborate across the platform or slack.

We record each conversation and analyse them with AI, to understand behaviours so that you can win more.

Automated CRM data capture

Leverage AI without relying on manual input for your CRM, wasting your reps' time and having only a fraction of the available data at hand.

We  automatically update your CRM from your team's conversations so that you don't have to chase your reps every two days. (And they will thank you for that)

Scale your team with confidence - and AI

‍You can't be in every call–but AI bots can. With conversation intelligence  you can understand what is working and what could be improved.

Get quantitative insights and qualitative feedback that is based on your process and needs, powered by world-class collaboration features

Fully integrated into your tech stack

‍We natively integrate with many of your existing tools, so that we can work on deep workflow integrations.

You can connect them in few clicks so that your source of truth will always be the CRM you already use, but super powered by us!

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Generating revenue is hard.
Build a replicable revenue process and win more.